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Wedding photography by Mitchell Weitzman Photography

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Northern California 
Wedding Photographer

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Helping you remember your special day. Below are galleries and example works from past weddings and events. I'm a Northern California-based photographer near Sacramento with availability throughout the state. Capturing the candid, fleeting moments of joy that you'll forever be able to look back on together and smile, even the photos of your crazy uncle dancing.

Wedding photography in Sacramento and Northern California 

Looking for a wedding photographer in Northern California? My name is Mitchell Weitzman, and while I first became interested in photography shooting cars and racing, I quickly learned cars don't show the same emotion as people. Not to say cars can't be emotional, and I still love shooting cars and racing equally, but there is something so special about capturing the moments of us that make us live and the reason for us living. I have availability throughout the state, with my primary focus areas being Sacramento, Folsom, and Cameron Park. 

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