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2022 Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Laguna Seca Recap

Some of the most storied and historic racing cars assemble again at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

One of Monterey Car Week's annual treats is the ability to see vintage race cars tackle one of the world's greatest and most famous tracks: Laguna Seca. Home of the Corkscrew, the daunting rollercoaster that drops over five stories in a couple hundred feet, it's an example of what it means to be a 'natural terrain' racetrack, nestled atop the rolling hills near Monterey Bay. While others come to Car Week for the lavish shows that feature fast and expensive cars parked and stationary, the Motorsports Reunion allows these gems to be once again in their natural habitat. This is combustion at a most visceral and aural delight.

Mazda 767B laguna seca
Iconic colors. This Mazda is actually a 767B and not the Le Mans-winning 787B

Featuring many diverse classes that include 1930s Grand Prix cars, 1950s sports cars, Group C Le Mans racers, and Niki-Lauda era Formula 1 cars, it's always been a favorite event of mine. Kids, you can go on YouTube to listen to the sound of a 4-rotor Mazda as much as you want, but nothing beats the real thing of a 787 flying by you at full tilt. Nothing. Perhaps one of the best most appealing aspects of racing at Laguna Seca is the open paddock that's available to all ticket-buyers. Unlike your restrictive pass to the Miami Grand Prix that cost an entire car payment, a mere $50 gets you access to any part of the track and you can freely walk the paddock to see all the cars up close.

Below are some photo highlights from this year's event. The Monterey Motorsports Reunion will return next August.

Ferrari 250 GTO Laguna Seca
Yes, that's a real Ferrari 250 GTO. It's only worth, what, like $80,000,000?


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