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2024 Genesis G70 2.5T review: the driver's luxury choice

The Genesis G70 remains a top pick for drivers and those seeking enthusiast thrills

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T review | The Road Beat

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T review by The Road Beat

Words and pictures: Mitchell Weitzman

If you have somehow (still) not noticed the brand Genesis and the rather fabulous cars their making, it's about time your radar is set to high alert. Over two since I last drove a G70, this most recent example, even with the basic 2.5L four-cylinder engine, serves as a reminder of just how good this luxury sport sedan truly is. I honestly don't know what else you can ask or hope for in this car, as the $46,950 sticker price on this tester seals the deal with a convincing right hook knockout you didn't anticipate. Why on earth aren't these G70s simply everywhere by now? I can't think of any valid reason.

Until I read the window sticker, I thought this Sport Prestige-equipped trim level G70 would have cost somewhere in the mid fifties. The fact that I would have easily believed a price of such ambition should tell you enough on its own. In an age where a V6 Toyota Camry can cost forty-large, this is simply unreal in terms of how much quality and luxury you can have below fifty grand. What's increasingly bewildering is when you compare the equipment and adornments here to what German competitors offer at a similar price, because you won't be getting much at this cost if buying a comparable new Audi, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz. I don't even care if the seats aren't actually leather here, as the leatherette that Genesis uses in this striking red Sevilla interior is nicer than the real cow hide in other cars.

2024 Genesis G70 interior review | The Road Beat

This is a car that oozes class, sophistication, and style from any angle, inside or out. I'm a fan of how Genesis is refining their design language across their entire range, and instead of being some sort of copycat, the G70 now has its own unique and alluring look. If the outside doesn't convince enough (somehow), you'll be won over upon opening the doors and the properly luxurious cabin reveals itself. Not just stylish, all the controls and touch points tell the story of a car with a considerably higher asking price. It's simple yet modern, with great use of metallic surfaces to tie the room together. Even the buttons feel good to use, even if they're not the Swarovski-grade items in the G90 ultra-luxury sedan Genesis also sells. Worth noting is how clean it all looks, too, with nothing appearing out of place and simple, easy to use controls.

There are some quirks, though, like doors that close on you all too easily if you're on the slightest slope. I also found I had to pull the door shut hard to properly close all the way; Having to nearly slam your door shut isn't exactly a glamourous nor luxurious point of entry. And for a modern, brand new product, the front USB connector ahead of the shifter is the old Type A connector and not the new Type C cables that most all new phones utilize and ship with. Also worth mentioning is the back seat that is a little more snug than rival sedans when it comes to leg room. Kids will be fine, but adults might not be too keen to spend much time back there. This alone might actually be the greatest single fault of the G70 unfortunately, and those wanting increased room might be better off with their larger G80 or a different make.

2024 Genesis G70 Sport Prestige exterior

Those character flaws aside, the real magic of the Genesis is not in its style or flashy cabin, but how this car navigates the bends. Possessing a prowess and mastery of its craft that serves as a callback to the greatest hits from Bavaria, if you miss that older feel of BMWs from 20 and 30 years ago, Genesis just might be calling your name. It's a shame most prospective owners won't ever treat their G70 as a sports car, but the simple matter of the fact is that you most definitely can. The balance is sweet, with this RWD example yielding natural results and minimal understeer when adhesion becomes thin. Composure remains high in fervent driving, showing excellent control of its mass in all directions. The steering has just about perfect everyday weight and responses, allowing for increasing confidence to just turn the wheel and go where you please; This really reminds me of E46 and E90 BMWs and their organic behavior. There's body roll, sure, because the ride still has some pliancy, though it is definitely on the firmer side given its sporting intent, but it's how fluid the G70 feels in operation that really earns its praises. So many modern cars feel absolutely dead, and the Genesis is a car that actually encourages and enjoys being driven hard. Inert this is not, and the G70 is a bullseye as a reincarnation of the luxury sport sedan proper.

Four cylinders will never compare to six, but this base engine is plenty potent with its 300 horsepower and 311 lb-ft, that's actually 20 additional horsepowers compared to last year's model. 0-60 MPH isn't particularly blazing at 5.7 seconds, but the delivery is strong from anywhere in the rev range, and the eight-speed automatic does a good job at keeping you where you need to be and without endless hunting due to the strong low-end pop. If you want proper blazing, there's still the V6 version with its 65-horsepower increase. What I did find surprising was how thirsty this Genesis is, or rather, its lack of thirst. Over a week together, I averaged a stupendous 28 MPG in my daily driving and errands. On the highway, you can expect to see 35 MPG even when cruising on level ground, pretty dang impressive considering the relative performance available. Downsides? The engine is a little loud and clattery at idle, but sounds decent enough under load at least.

2024 Genesis G70 red interior

Look, there's no way of hiding how charmed I was by the G70. This is a car that's enjoyable to be in and drive due to its comfort and lavish interior, and an enthusiastic driving demeanor. I'm still nearly in disbelief of the asking price, because at $46,950, it's kind of a steal for what this delivers. For easy comparison, a BMW 330i has a starting price that's only a solitary $1,000 less, but yes, that's without a single option fitted, and you know how Germans like to price gouge when it comes to options. Considering how well-equipped this G70 is, how well it drives, and how well priced it is, Genesis' G70 comes highly recommended.

2024 Genesis G70 2.5T Sport Prestige

As-tested price: $46,950

Pros: Style; Luxury cabin, Fun to drive

Cons: Snug rear legroom


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