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Cars and Coffee Folsom Returns

Yellow Jaguar E Type Roadster
Words and Pictures by Mitchell Weitzman

The Road Beat Blog

After a 7 month hiatus, cars and coffee returns to Folsom - albeit in El Dorado Hills. Foregoing, the usual spot of the Palladio shopping center in Folsom, cars and coffee found a new home in El Dorado Hills' Town Center. The locale doesn't matter, we could have been in a run-down strip mall for all anyone cared, people just wanted to have cars and coffee back.

As the first one in nearly a year, I figured there were two possibilities: 1) it'd be dead or 2) it'd be huge. The latter proved correct. This was seemingly one of the biggest cars and coffee events the traditionally Folsom group has procured. It's easy to see that everyone in the local car community were yearning to have their Saturday morning dosage of cars back after so long.

Cars represented all corners of the globe, with domestic muscle cars and new Corvettes and Mustangs, to European exotics, and JDM legends. I was just as excited to see a gathering of cool cars again as I was to photograph them. Armed with my newly acquired Nikkor 85mm f/1.8g and 17-55mm f/2.8g together with a D7500, I was beyond stoked to see what I could create and how I could capture the following cars. Shooting a medium-telephoto with a big aperture has completely changed the way I photograph. Inspired heavily by those like Amy Shore and the way she portrays cars and events, these were the shots I came up with.

What I find amazing though is the time shooting cars like this takes up. Before I knew it, 2 hours had already passed and nearly everyone had departed. Time flies when you're enjoying yourself and having fun around what you love.

-Mitchell Weitzman


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